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When: Saturday 1st June 2013
Where: Paddington Town Hall, 249 Oxford Street (near corner of Oatley Road), Paddington NSW
Sponsored by the City of Sydney
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Attending Designers – Sydney

Your Abode

At your abode we specialise in the design and construction of green, sustainable living environments. Every one of our projects is the distillation of our desire to create houses that are as sustainable as possible, whilst being truly unique, inviting and genuinely well crafted. We believe that houses and renovations should be designed and built with the maximum consideration for their environmental impact and their effect on the health of the occupants.

Sunergy Design

Sunergy Design clients want homes that work all year round in their local environment, without heating or cooling where climates permit. They want design for their site, their taste and their lifestyle, but understand that ‘needs’ can change, so appreciate flexibility in function. They want homes that utilise available views  - internal, near and far, while respecting their neighbours’ solar access, privacy and outlook. Sunergy Design clients are sometimes ‘hands on’ owner builders too. If this sound like you, come and say hello.

Suntech Design

After completing undergraduate studies in environmental design and ecology, Chris Reardon spent 25 years as an accredited building design practitioner and licensed builder in NSW and Qld. His multi-award winning practice, Suntech Design, specialises in energy efficient and sustainable built environment solutions for Australia’s diverse range of climates. Chris’s recent action research PhD focused on sustainable change creation in the Australian Housing sector and he is the principal author of the Your Home sustainable design guide .


Sue Connor and Jo Gillies have merged to create Archisoul. Our new direction is an eco-spiritual approach to design where we use intuition to connect to the earth and the occupier of the specific site. Taking sustainable design one step further to be more aligned with the soul of each other as well as the earth. We bring all the sacred principals together along with our combined experience of over 40 years in the business of architecture to produce cost effective, great design that makes one’s soul sing

Sanctum Design

Our environmental building designers possess a rich and qualified knowledge of sustainable architecture. We assure best practice in the design, documentation and administration of sustainable building projects, which stems from our sound understanding of architectural science and environmental design principles. Our depth of experience in delivering truly sustainable buildings underpins our core philosophy of connecting homes to their environment through the interaction of light, airflow, materiality and form.

PIDCOCK – Architecture and Sustainability

PIDCOCK – Architecture and Sustainability is focused on desirable, sustainable architecture. Our practice aims to excel in ecologically sustainable design, documentation and advice. We aim to demonstrate how the many issues that are integral to such architecture can be potent influences in design and can produce delightful experiences.

Matt Elkan

Matt Elkan Architect specialises in small to medium sized residential projects. We see sustainability as core to every project. This is expressed in siting and orientation, minimisation of site coverage, the form and scale of buildings, material selection,  re-use and recycling wherever possible, and reduction in the reliance on active services. It is also expressed in creating joyful beautiful buildings. Building beautiful spaces is one of the best ways to improve sustainability by providing the motivation to preserve good buildings into the future.
Contact on Ph: (02) 8916 7357 or email: mea@idx.com.au

Marra + Yeh Architects

Marra + Yeh Architects is a Sydney based practice with projects in Australia and South East Asia. Marra + Yeh takes a considered approach of potential and constraints. Our architecture straddles between the general and the particular, technology and the hand-made, aspirations and appropriateness. We acknowledge the particulars of place, climate and client to create sustainable environments.

Ian Sercombe Architect

At Ian Sercombe Architect our aim is to create buildings of a contemporary style that respond to their site and environment. We blend our design skills with an extensive and hands on knowledge of sustainability in all our projects, including new homes and alterations and additions.

Graham Hunt

Graham Hunt is a sole practitioner who uses his extensive experience in sustainable design to create stimulating, healthy, resource-efficient buildings holistically conceived. Graham designed and built his first passive solar home in 1983 and is highly respected throughout the industry for his expertise in optimising thermal comfort. With a realistic pragmatic approach designs evolve through deep consultation with clients and after detailed site evaluation.


Envirotecture designs elegant and affordable homes that work well, feel good, and are culturally appropriate – and reduce their ecological cost toward zero. We have over 35 years experience in sustainable design, combining traditional and organic sustainability with proven and emerging technologies. Envirotecture has received numerous peer design awards, community and sustainability awards.

David Baggs – Global GreenTag

David Baggs is CEO of Global GreenTag a life-cycle assessment based ecolabel rating program. He is an award winning chartered architect specialising in green building design and world renowned green materials expert with over 30 years experience in sustainable development. He has been voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Green Leaders.

Day Bukh Architects

Day Bukh Architects are deeply interested in designing ecological and sustainable buildings for the Australian context. Our ecological concerns extend beyond reducing energy use to include social sustainability. This involves designing buildings that last by using environmentally friendly materials that withstand the harsh Australian environment, and also designing buildings that can be adapted for re-use, thus ensuring longevity.

EcoSphere Design

From Sydney to Byron Bay, multi-award winning EcoSphereDesign creates contemporary building design with a passion for architecture and an environmental conscience. In creating spaces that give joy and sanctuary, our process seeks to harmonise all the aspects of the clients brief to the site, the seasons, aesthetics and budget. Big or small, each project has its own ‘blue sky’ moment of design clarity, waiting to be discovered.

Anderson Architecture


Anderson Architecture is a small firm specialising in projects from inner city terraces up to new homes. We are passionate about sustainability with architectural integrity and offer over twenty years experience coupled with the use of technology such as thermal modelling and 3D imaging programs. This enables us to offer clients holistic solutions, empowering them to decide what’s best for their situation. We work with the clients brief in a collaborative approach to produce human, comfortable, contemporary environments that greatly reduce impacts on our environment.

Ecological Design

Ecological Design provides independent sustainable building design advice to both architects and home owners. We are experts in rainwater harvesting and stormwater drainage design as well as thermal performance and energy efficiency assessment. We quantify the benefits of optimised building design allowing our clients to make the best decisions.

David Baillie Architect

Rising energy costs and the sustainability of our planet are issues which are very closely linked and affect everyone, everywhere. Together these two issues have prompted governments, large and small businesses, and individual home owners to become more conscious of the environment we all share and the energy we all waste needlessly.
With this thought in mind, our goal at David Baillie Architect is to seamlessly combine innovative design with outstanding energy efficiency to enhance lifestyle, save money and help protect our environment.

Ben Giles Architect

Ben Giles is an architect with a passion for contemporary residential architecture and over twenty years of architectural experience. The practice is currently involved with a variety of residential projects throughout Sydney, including renovations, alterations and additions as well as new houses. Ben strives to complete sustainable projects that will enhance the quality of life for their occupants.

Australian Living

Australian Living specialises in the creation of truly sustainable homes via our unique Sustainable Fusion service that fuses sustainability into every aspect of design and construction. Our customers enjoy living in their energy efficient, natural, healthy and comfortable homes that didn’t cost extra just because it is sustainable. We work to a simple and powerful philosophy – push the boundaries and go beyond the call of duty.

Advanced EnviroSafe

Shaila Divakarla provides advice on sustainable building design to builders, developers, building design professionals as well as home owners. She is a B.Arch. and Ph.D. qualified professional with more than 10 years of experience in the industry which gives her the advantage of combining depth of knowledge with practical experience.  With a proven track record in championing sustainable project housing, she has been a key contributor to the multi award winning Ecoliving Display Homes at Kellyville, Sydney.Email: ssai2@bigpond.com

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